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Sky High Momentum

12,000 – 14,000 distributors visited the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, USA. A large number of Spanish native speaking representatives made it a bi-lingual experience.

Fast Foreign Expansion

Organo Gold is open, or will be opening: USA, Canada, The EU, Brazil, Ecuador, Chilli, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia,  Mexico, Jamaica, Peru, Dominican Republic, UK, Japan. We expect the company basically opening all major MLM markets in the world sooner or later. The strategy to open fast markets contributes towards the high momentum.

Organo Gold Recognition

If a Organo Gold distributor receive in public a check it means he/she has earned in 12 consecutive months that amount + in commissions.
Cosmas Magembe $250,000 check Organo Gold Checks Overview

The Ganoderma in Organo Gold Coffee

For over 4000 years Ganoderma Lucidum has been recognized by Chinese medical professionals as the highest ranked of all herbs found in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The Chinese name for Ganoderma is Lingzhi, means “spiritual potency”. The Japanese name for Ganoderma is Reishi and is regarded as the King of Herbs.
Dr. Shi-Jean Lee,the most famous Chinese medical doctor of the Ming Dynasty, strongly endorsed the effectiveness of Ganoderma in his famous book, Ban Chao Gang Moo (“Great Pharmacopoeia”). He stated that the “long-term taking of Ganoderma (Reishi) (Lingzhi) will build a strong, healthy body and assure a long life.”

Natural Log vs. Plastic Bag Ganoderma

Now there are many companies around the world attempting to harvest Ganoderma but BEFORE you purchase Ganoderma there are a few simple things things you need to know so you do not get fooled by cheaper imitations or artificial Gannoderma.  Take a few seconds here to understand the  difference between Natural Log Harvested Ganoderma and Plastic Bag Harvested Ganoderma
Now most Ganoderma available around the world is the “Plastic Bag” variety and you need to know Natural Log Harvested Ganoderma is MUCH more potent and effective because it is harvested in accordance to the laws of pure Nature… if you can find a 100% Certified OrGanic Log Harvested Ganoderma, well you may have just hit the biggest jackpot in your lifetime! Try it TODAY, Your Body will Thank You!
The NEXT thing you want to ask for is the Ganderma Spores. Companies who market “Plastic Bag” Ganoderma do not have the capabilities of producing spores because they harvest the Ganodrma in plastic bags and the natural phenomenon of spores does not occur.  Be sure to ask if the Ganoderma is Plastic Bag or Natural Log Harvested and ALWAYS choose the Natural Log variety.  It is said that Natural Log Harvest Ganoderma is the Closest thing to Nutritional Perfection found in Nature. So what’s that worth?

OG 2012~50K(600萬/月)俱樂部~分享大會



December 9, 2011
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Welcome to Elite Leadership!
Congratulations New                                          Diamonds
Welcome to the #1 Lifestyle in the world!
OG University's Project                                          50 Thousand - Live your dreams                                          - Jan 6-8, 2012 at the MGM                                          Grand in Las Vegas
Last week we had the "final breakdown" meeting for Project 50,000.  All roads are heading to Vegas & we GUARANTEE you will have the time of your LIFE!!!  For those of you who have Studio 54 access - STAY TUNED - we have something special coming just for you!
Sunday's Millionaire Mentorship Call was absolutely OUTSTANDING!  The vision for 100 Diamonds promoted in the month of January was set.  Just as the goal of 50 Diamonds for the year 2011 - consider it done!
Sounds crazy?  Impossible?  Stick around long enough & you'll soon experience how what's impossible to others is COMMON in OG!  How will we do it?  Just like everything else:  HARD WORK & DEDICATION!
Mr. Buggs delivered a total knock-out with the special Millionaire Moments Edition of the Millionaire Mentorship Call, conducting interviews of all the million dollar earners.  These gentlemen poured out their hearts sharing the stories behind the glory.  There's no way you can listen to that call & not be on your way to Vegas right now!
"Greatest Millionaire Mentorship Call I've ever heard to date, hands down!  100 Diamonds COMPLETELY DONE!" - Diamond, Bass Grant
Diamond Week - Everyday                                          this week our Diamonds are                                          going to work for you!
Every day this week all of our Diamonds & Elite Diamonds are serving on every call & every platform just for you!  Take advantage of all opportunities to give the gift of OG!
English Opportunity Calls |     1.646.519.5860  code (64630#)
Monday thru Friday 12:00pm CST/ 1:00pm EST
Saturday & Sunday 7:00pm CST / 8:00pm EST
Spanish Opportunity Calls |     1.646.519.5860  code (2508#)
Monday thru Friday 9:00pm CST
OG University presents                                          The Gold Spotlight
Nyya LinscombeNew Reason to be Selfless | Nyya Linscomb

I have had so many memorable moments being a part of the Organo Gold family! One of the first and most touching memories was when I realized I had the ability to help someone's situation change almost instantly! I supplied a new rep with her 2 boxes of coffee to “sample", but she "sold" them and called me back needing more! I informed her she was to give it away. She confessed that she really needed the money to get her son's school shoes and lunch money, and a little gas. It dawned on me that if $60 could do that much, imagine what much more can take care of. Moments like that made me more aware that I had the ability and now the right opportunity to do my part in changing the World. That moment made my selfishness vanish immediately.  At that moment it was no longer about me finding a way to stay afloat, it was about how I could help others realize dreams and fantasies really do come true!  NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!!
Being Bold Turned Into Gold | Maria Davis
I walked into an administrative building with a big button that read:  “Ask me for free coffee.” Ms. Fasulo who spoke English and Spanish could hardly wait until I was in the building before saying, "I want some coffee" with an enormous amount of excitement. I asked the other 3 questions because she already revealed she drank coffee. I invited Ms. Fasulo to a Spanish meeting that was being held the next evening. She committed to coming. The very next day as I shopped at the grocery store to prepare to serve coffee at a barber shop the next morning & unknown to me Ms. Fasulo began to follow me around the store. She later placed herself in my peripheral vision and realized she had met me the day before. She was passing time as she waited for the meeting that started 2 hours later.  I didn’t know how to speak Spanish, but I offered Ms. Fasulo a ride. She gladly accepted. After hearing the presentation, Ms. Fasulo was my first partner to purchase a Gold Pack! She is excited and ready to attend meetings, work on self-development and share the opportunity with others to create a better life for herself and others.

Cherryl HyltonA Transparent Reflection | Cherryl Hylton
I started initially drinking the coffee because I love coffee and also because it was healthier. The business opportunity made sense to me and, even though I have not been in this industry, I saw the picture. Prior to joining, my sister and I prayed for financial wealth, so Organo Gold was the answer for me. After signing up, I was on the fence for many months. I wasn’t about to quit.  I understood that I had to learn this industry, being a Registered Nurse; it was very different for me. What struck me was the fact that personal development is essential. 
After overloading on personal development, it was then that I realized that I placed myself in a shell to protect myself from being hurt.  I didn’t want to make new friends; true friendships took trust and time.  I realized that I was keeping the negative people in my life, and also preventing good people from coming in too. My self-esteem was also very low and had been for many years.  I’d always do for others & never for myself.  I realized that if I wanted to love my neighbors, I first had to love myself. 
My self-esteem is on the rise, and I love it!  I am a good and special woman! This was all due to the great and life changing leadership that I have found in Organo Gold.  I cried at the Women Who Win luncheon; it felt like I was in counseling.  For the first time in my life I see my calling, and I am answering!  Being in Organo Gold has given me the courage to make the necessary changes in my life that I should have made many years ago. Thank you Mr. Chua, Mr. Buggs, and Mr. Morand for your vision, and your awesome leadership skills in Organo Gold!!! You all have and are changing many people’s lives equipping us for an incredible future.


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